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Diabetic Checks

Diabetes occurs when the body does not create enough insulin to keep blood glucose (sugar) levels in the normal range. We offer diabetes checks and can assist affected patients who need to start insulin treatment. We will also discuss how to check your blood sugar and advise how best to modify your diet and exercise regime to help cope with this condition.

Smoking Cessation

If you are considering quitting smoking we can provide advice and encouragement. We actively recommend all our patients to be smoke free and can help devise the best strategy for you. We can also prescribe nicotine patches or medication to help you quit.

Wart Clinic

Warts are caused by a viral infection and, over time, develop into a rough, hard growth on the skin’s surface. Treatment can be by medication, freezing or burning, or surgical removal. We will assess what is the most appropriate treatment, and advise on how best to prevent warts growing and spreading in the future.

Driver License Medicals

When you complete any driver license application form you need to declare any medical conditions that may affect your ability to drive safely. We can advise you on the safety aspects of any medical ailments you have, and provide a medical certificate stating either that you are fit to drive or set out the conditions under which you can drive safely.

Flu Vaccines

We advise our patients to get immunised against flu every year, with high-risk groups especially benefiting from the vaccination. The best time of year for this is March to April, so as to be prepared for the peak flu season which is usually between May and September. Being immunised against flu helps protect not only yourself but also others you come into contact with, perhaps children or elderly relatives at home, or other vulnerable people.


Immunisations are an effective way of protecting against preventable, infectious diseases. Vaccines lead to the body’s immune system producing antibodies that protect against harmful organisms that can cause disease. We offer a full service of childhood immunisations as recommended by the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health. According to the National Schedule these need to start when your child is 6 weeks old. Please come and talk to us to discuss all options for immunising your child, and we would be very happy to answer any queries.

Travel Vaccines

If travelling outside New Zealand we are happy to provide advice on any medication and vaccinations that may be necessary, depending on which countries you are visiting, e.g. Hepatitis, Typhoid, Polio etc. Please be aware that some vaccine schedules do take several months to complete for maximum effectiveness. Malaria prevention should also be considered, where appropriate, and we will take you through your options. Please make an appointment with your GP to discuss what vaccines may be required.

Sexual Health Clinic (<25 yo)

We provide advice and free checkups for patients under 25 years of age for contraception services, STI checks, cervical smears and can assist in anything related to sexual health.

CVRA Checks

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment (CVRA) checks are available to inform you and advise you of changes you can make to reduce your risk of a cardiovascular event (such as a heart attack). These continue to be one of the leading causes of premature death in New Zealand, and we will help you to reduce your risk with advice and support as to how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Services run by the Taranaki District Health Board


A Paediatrician is a specialist doctor who looks after a broad range of medical conditions in children. For example, they have expertise in problems with growth, feeding, behaviour, physical and intellectual development, asthma and other chest complaints, infections, and recurrent health issues. Catching issues quickly can enable appropriate and timely remedies that will benefit the child as they develop.

Psychiatry Services

If you or someone you know are suffering from erratic or abnormal behaviour, emotional disturbance, or mental illness, we offer the services of a psychiatrist to be able to talk to. This mental health professional can talk through any issues and assess patients and how best to help them.

Public Health Nurse

A registered nurse whose work and focus is on community health and well-being, coordinating between whanau/families, communities and health organisations. Working with teachers to promote health programmes in schools, advocating for healthy home environments, and implementing immunisation programmes are just some of the ways the Public Health Nurse plays a vital role throughout the community.

B4 School Checks

This is a nationwide programme offering a free health and development check for 4-year-olds. It aims to identify and address health, behavioural, social or developmental worries (e.g. hearing or communication difficulties) that could affect whether a child is able to fully benefit from school.

Vision & Hearing

TDHB offers vision and hearing screening to check for visual and hearing problems. If any problems show up in these tests the patients may be referred to an eye specialist or hearing specialist.

Cardiac Service

A Cardiac Clinical Nurse Specialist visits to promote patient education to address risk factors for heart disease. Patients receive help and information on healthy lifestyle changes and are supported if they have had cardiac events, interventions and surgery.

Diabetic Educator

A Clinical Nurse Specialist provides lifestyle education and management to patients with diabetes. Patients can have their medication adjusted or updated as part of an ongoing programme of assistance in living with diabetes.

Asthma Educator

A visiting Asthma Educator helps patients on how to best manage their asthma. For children, asthma is one of the most common causes of hospital admission in New Zealand. Since there is no cure, it is critical to get assistance to learn as much about the condition as possible and how to put in place steps to control it.

Alcohol & Drug Clinics

These Clinics are available to provide assessment and treatment services for those with alcohol and/or drug problems, or for those people who may be affected by someone else’s alcohol and/or drug misuse.

Other Services

Fulford Radiology (X-ray)

Fulford Radiology provides a general X-ray service on-site for the assessment of broken bones and the evaluation of many other medical conditions. We no longer undertake ACC X-rays.

Hearing Testing (Bay Audiology)

For specialist hearing testing, Bay Audiology offer a clinic to determine hearing levels. If hearing loss is detected, a full consultation will be held to understand the loss and to discuss what remedial actions may be possible. Bay Audiology will fit hearing devices if appropriate, and then ensure ongoing adjustment and care for those devices.


Once a week, a professional podiatrist provides specialist foot care. Help is available to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower limbs, including ingrown nails, blisters, Athletes foot, corns and general foot pain.


Within the Health Centre there is also a room set aside for dental work. A dentist treats toothache, diseases and other conditions that affect the teeth and gums. General dentistry such as dental checkups, repair and extraction of teeth and fitting of dentures is available. To make an appointment please phone: 06 754 3052 or TXT 021 706 139 or visit: www.viviandental.co.nz NB: Appointments cannot be made through Waitara Health Centre.


A neurology clinic is held a couple of times every two month which offers information, treatment and the alleviation of suffering of disorders of the brain and the nervous system (e.g. Alzheimer’s, strokes, epilepsy). Please contact us for further information.

Urenui Clinic

A half-day GP clinic in Urenui (once a fortnight) + nurse only clinic every other Tuesday. Please contact us for details of what is available at this clinic. They are usually 8.30am-11.30am Tuesday Mornings.

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