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Later this year we will be marking the 10th Anniversary of the opening of the Healthcare Trust Building and it is pleasing to record we have achieved all the goals we set at that time.

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North Taranaki Healthcare Trust Annual Report 2015/2016

The doctors' practice, of course, continues to be the centre of activities, well supported by X-ray, dentistry and a number of other clinics devoted to various facets of health.

Last year we revised our Strategic Plan looking ahead to the next ten years and have now also updated the maintenance budget. After ten years of constant use the premises are starting to show their age, the first item to be replaced being the carpet tiles in the medical centre.

Financially the year has been satisfactory, showing a surplus of almost $18,000 after writing off about $60,000 depreciation. Our policy of accelerated loan repayments, where possible, has continued and should see us debt free in seven years which will be about eight years earlier than first estimated when we opened. Interest of $42,000 remains our biggest expense. The 21 year ground lease (from the Anglican Trust Board) expires shortly and the annual rental which has remained unchanged all that time is due for renegotiation so we can reasonably expect an increase. Again my thanks go to our Administration Manager Ken Bedford for his quick attention to any issues that arise and handling of the paper that gets deeper every year. Gary Cleland continues to provide invaluable financial advice and reports to the Trust and thanks go also to the other Trustees, Thelma Luxton, Gay Andrews and Bill Watson. As I mentioned last year three of the present Trustees were signatories to the first Trust Deed over thirteen years ago- we really must encourage some new blood.
Bob Mahy
Chairman 27 June 2016


Ten years ago the Trust set the following objectives by which to measure its achievement.

  1. The Trust will become a vehicle for the development of general practitioner and other primary healthcare services in North Taranaki.
  2. The Trust will ensure that the facility at Grey, McLean and Domett Streets, Waitara, is developed and maintained to a world class healthcare standard.
  3. The Trustees will be a reflection of the North Taranaki community and, as such, reflect the goals and attitude of this community.
  4. The Trust will use its public profile to promote the delivery of primary healthcare.

The Trustees are very satisfied with what has been accomplished to date as it has provided stability at a time when other health services have closed down in the Waitara area.

The Trust continues to reduce the mortgage while identifying and responding to the health care needs of the Waitara residents, at the same time modifying the facility to cope with general practice growth and oral health requirements. The Trust is not involved in the day-to-day running of the healthcare services but acts as a landlord, the building being fully tenanted with health providers, a travel centre, hairdresser and ATM and has become a hub of Waitara's main street.

The Trust has had a clear vision with a stable group of Trustees and an efficient, knowledgeable administrator. They reflect a diverse cross section of the community with a good skill mix and provide a strong community ownership.

The Future


The objective of the Trust remains the same, which is to provide a modern and comprehensive facility that is able to meet current, and future, primary healthcare needs for all people in North Taranaki.

To deliver on the objective of the Trust the Trustees have in place:

  • A facility that supports the delivery of healthcare services
  • A part-time administrator
  • Strong financial planning
  • Schedules to meet regularly with GPs, practice manager, pharmacist and other tenants.
  • Leases with general practice, pharmacy, radiology, dentistry and other non-health-related businesses. The general practice also provides rooms for the District Health Board and other medical providers on a sub-lease, as required basis.

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